Pet Friendly Accommodations and Hotels

Pet Friendly Accommodations and Hotels

The trend toward pet friendly accommodation at Canadian ski resorts is increasing. Empty nest syndrome is developing and many people are filling the void with pets they would rather not leave at home.

Homeowners who offer accommodation in Canada are trying to keep up with demand by accepting pets, but it is still at a low level, especially when it comes to private accommodation. Vacation home owners invest a lot of money in their properties, especially when they are rented for a vacation. Some have allowed pets in the properties, it is being understood that they would be present at all times, placed in kennels at night and not allowed on furniture or bedding. Most pet owners obey these rules, but those who don’t spoil others.

Pet Friendly Accommodations and Hotels

When cleaning staff have to work overtime vacuuming, washing everything in sight, and spending a lot more time cleaning because of hair than is normally required, it costs more. money to the owner and also creates a time problem to have the property. ready for the next party. Some customers are allergic to pet dander, which requires homeowners not to take risks and to be careful.

If you are planning a summer or ski vacation in Canada, some websites have an advanced search option with a “Pet Friendly Accommodations” filter allowing you to search for properties that accept pets.

Pet Friendly Accommodations and Hotels

Notes for responsible pet owners

  1. If you want your pets to accompany you on vacation, ask the owner or the rental agent specifically if pets are allowed. There may be a “Pet-Fee” supplement every night.
  2. Take care to keep the animal away from furniture and bedding, especially if you have lost dogs.
  3. Find out if there is a vacuum or broom there so you can control the loss of animal hair.
  4. Never leave your pet unattended as it may panic and damage the property.

By respecting the concerns of the owners and taking care of the property, you will help open the doors to more animal-friendly housing in Canada. My mother said: “The queen is coming, take your elbows off the table”. Just think “The owner of the house is coming, do I want to be welcomed again, or have I ruined him for the next pet owner?”

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