Drillcover Hex – The Best Friend for Every Veterinarian Getting Started in Orthopedic Surgery

Drillcover Hex – The Best Friend for Every Veterinarian Getting Started in Orthopedic Surgery

It is safe to say that you are a Veterinary Orthopedic Surgeon that is simply beginning your own training? Or on the other hand, possibly you are always out and about doing medical procedures and need effectively transportable hardware?
We have heard it a huge number of times from our partners, that it is extremely elusive the correct tools for orthopedic surgery, to be great quality, transportable, clean and in the spending limit.
In the event that you are searching for something that fits this portrayal, the DrillCover Hex tool may be the correct decision for you!
Drillcover Hex - The Best Friend for Every Veterinarian Getting Started in Orthopedic Surgery

Miracle why we consider it the closest companion for each veterinary orthopedic surgeon?

All things considered, let me pose you a couple of inquiries first.
Have you at any point been shouted to do an orthopedic surgery on a remote area? Bringing your powerful drilling tool that is pleasantly set up in your facility, wasn’t an alternative, would it say it was?
Is it accurate to say that you are as yet utilizing manual tools for doing surgery? In the event that indeed, at that point it is most likely the high time to change to increasingly complex arrangements.
Drillcover Hex - The Best Friend for Every Veterinarian Getting Started in Orthopedic Surgery

It is safe to say that you are simply beginning your very own training as a veterinary orthopedic surgeon and you are searching for a cost sparing answer for medicinal tools?

In the event that any of this sounds recognizable to you, at that point you should peruse on about the DrillCover Hex.
We consider it the “closest companion” since it will help any individual who perceives themselves in the previously mentioned. It is lightweight and transportable, the astonishing choice for moving endlessly from manual tools, and cost benevolent.

Drillcover Hex – How is it not the same as other drill tools?

Above all else, the DrillCover Hex isn’t much the same as some other drilling orthopedic tool.
It is a power tool joined with a cover that gives the power and certainty to veterinary surgeons to effortlessly perform clean surgery. The deliberately chosen drill coordinates the speed, torque, and ergonomics of a customary surgical drill. The DrillCover Hex gives you the solace of realizing you have the intensity of a stationary surgical drill that you know about, with the capacity to go with this mind-blowing tool at your fingertips. The DrillCover Systems Family is recorded as a Class I gadget with the US FDA and is authorized as a Class II restorative gadget by Health Canada. Regardless of where you are required for your orthopedic aptitudes, you have outright power and sterility on your side with the DrillCover Hex.
Drillcover Hex - The Best Friend for Every Veterinarian Getting Started in Orthopedic Surgery

In what capacity will the drillcover hex advantage your center?

When you buy this item, you become a piece of the unbelievable DrillCover Technology. At the point when the reusable fluid and pathogen evidence texture cover unites with a vigorous and ground-breaking equipment tool, you have everything expected to give phenomenal orthopedic consideration.

How can it work?

The DrillCover Hex offers a basic and speedy get together. You basically load the drill into the cover, and you are prepared for any veterinary orthopedic surgery. When your technique has completed, you may disinfect the drill cover as you would sanitize some other surgical tool. Numerous medical procedures in a day? You can utilize a similar drill with numerous covers, and sanitize each cover by the day’s end. This framework is helpful, and will advance your orthopedic practices!

Need progressively confirmation? Tune in to what others need to state!

“I have utilized [similar products] previously, and the Arbutus model is my hands-down top choice.
Different drills have the throw connector just going through an un-fixed opening in the cover – not perfect from a sterility viewpoint. The Arbutus cover has a fixed connector fused into the cover, incredibly improving sterility. The cover itself is made of a material that permits generally excellent material feel of the drill underneath, and the seal over the base is the most secure of any that I have utilized.
I anticipate long periods of utilizing this drill for my veterinary orthopedic strategies, and would exceptionally prescribe it to any individual who needs a sensibly valued, sterile, and compelling surgical drill cover.”
Ken Gummeson DVM | Aberdeen Veterinary Hospital, Kamloops, BC, Canada
“I have utilized the Drill Cover System from Arbutus Medical and have seen it as a helpful answer for professionals who do some orthopedic surgery, yet can’t legitimize the more costly surgical drills.”
Walter Renberg DVM, DS, DACVS | Kansas State University, KS, USA
Read all testimonials HERE.
The DrillCover Hex is an unbelievable tool to step up your center’s orthopedic innovation. With the capacity to give safe orthopedic practices, regardless of whether in your facility or off-site, you will have everything expected to improve your surgical convention! The DrillCover Hex is the ideal answer for the cost-cognizant veterinary orthopedic surgeon!
Get familiar with DrillCover Hex and how to get it.

For the ones interested in other orthopedic tools, check out the SAWCOVER SYSTEM.



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