6 Best Dog Friendly Beaches to Consider

6 Best Dog Friendly Beaches to Consider

Can dogs get sunburned? Are dog sunglasses a yuppie perversion or really useful? Are all puppies natural swimmers? These are the questions that keep beach lovers from sleeping at night. (If you were wondering, the answers are: definitely helpful and not necessarily.) For more information on protecting your pet on the shore and in the water, contact your veterinarian or visit a website like DogFriendly.com.

Fortunately, the question of where to find animal-friendly beaches is much easier. They become more common when coastal communities realize this is a win-win situation – as long as the human half of the equation does its homework. This means that you must train your dog to obey your voice commands, that it is license and vaccinations are up to date (provide evidence), that the laws of the leash are respected and that it goes without saying, but we will say it when even pick up the feces. If you and your four-legged friend go to a beach from home, don’t forget to put your vacation address and contact information on their passes.

Here are 6 of the country’s best beaches for pets. Since the rules can change without warning, you should inquire at the beach before your visit and your dog visit. And don’t forget sun protection – for both of you.

6 Best Dog Friendly Beaches to Consider

Huntington Dog Friendly Beaches, California

About 10 miles from Disneyland off the Pacific Coast Highway,
Huntington Dog Beach is a paradise for dogs where dogs can walk and surf without a leash on a 1.6 km stretch of sand. Dog Beach is managed by a non-profit organization. So consider volunteering for an hour or two, donating money, or at least buying a t-shirt.

The Dog Friendly Beaches of Outer Banks in North Carolina

Many beaches in the North Carolina Outer Banks accept pets, but the rules vary from city to city. So be careful. The duck accepts dogs all year round, and the town beach has a leash-free section; Visit the Public Safety Building (1259 Duck Rd, 252-261-1112) for a free pet safe vacation kit. Dogs can be fed all year round on the beaches of Kitty Hawk. Linen is required in summer. Nags Head also allows pets year-round, but they must always be kept on a leash. You can find the regulations for the different cities on the website mentioned above or here.

6 Best Dog Friendly Beaches to Consider

Montrose Dog Friendly Beaches, Chicago

Dogs can run off a leash at Montrose Dog Beach in Chicago, which is in the northwest corner of Montrose Beach on Lake Michigan. It is usually open from morning until 9 p.m. and the entrance is open
Free, you need a day of $ 5 to go to the dog-friendly areas. The beach is open to everyone, but volunteers from MonDog – the Montrose Dog Owners Group – take care of it. So give a few dollars.

Block Island, Rhode Island

It is safe to say that Block Island, 12 miles off the coast of Rhode Island and accessible by plane or ferry, loves dogs. Dogs can even take you for free on the Block Island ferry (leashes required; interior decks on the slow boat, exterior decks on the high-speed ferry). Dogs on a leash can touch almost every beach on the island, and chains can come off in certain places at certain times. Check local regulations.

6 Best Dog Friendly Beaches to Consider

Dog Friendly Beaches, Fort Myers Beach, Florida

At Dog Beach, a county park specially designed for dogs and their owners, dogs can run from morning to night without a leash. There’s even a Canine Kayak program that allows you and your furry friend to paddle together at sunset. There is no toilet for people and no running water for both types. So get ready.

Edisto Island Town Dog Friendly Beach and State Park, South Carolina

The island of Edisto, South Carolina, an hour’s drive from Charleston, is a paradise for dogs and their people. Whether you stay at a pet-friendly B&B or pitch a tent on the 1,255-acre campsite at Oceanside Ocean Park, your dog is welcome all year round on the pristine, palm-fringed beaches of the island. Linen laws apply year-round on the 1.5-mile sandy beach in the park and May through October on the city beach. There is a lot to do here: fishing, boating, swimming, mussels, cycling, and hiking on the 6 km nature trail.

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